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Mama Puddings Insights

Infant Massage, Why do it?

ziggy's pudding infant massage blog. picture of woman holding baby's feet
Infant massage helps with bonding and creates a sense of connectedness between you and your baby. Check out the wonderful benefits of adding infant massage to your bedtime and/or naptime routine...

Diaper Rash: My Experience

Ziggy's Pudding, mama pudding's insights blog post, diaper rash: my experience. use Ziggy's pudding baby body butter to heal and prevent diaper rash.
Enjoy this article about my experience with diaper rashes, Check out my insights and a free recipe.

So, who’s your favorite superhero? Iron man, Superman, Shea butter? Yes Shea butter!

Ziggy's Pudding blog post: who is your favorite superhero ironman, superman, shea butter? yes shea butter!
Shea butter is my superhero. It is a major ingredient in Ziggy's Pudding Baby Body Butter. The properties and benefits of Shea butter as well as some fun and interesting facts are outlined in this article.