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A quick way to get rid of diaper rash.

Want to get rid of diaper rash FAST? 

Read on....

Diaper rashes can be caused by many things, but most of all the skin breaks down as a result of the ammonia from urine and poop mixed with bacteria sitting on the sensitive skin causing a rash.

When my son started developing diaper rashes, I didn't know the cause, I was changing him at least every hour if not more often, right after each poop and soon after each pee but the diaper rashes kept coming back.

My initial method, like most moms, was to use baby wipes with each diaper change. Every mom I knew did it, and it was recommended by my pediatrician… So, why was the diaper rash recurring?


among many factors, it was the use of baby wipes. Many baby wipes are made with harsh soaps, chemicals, fragrances and detergents that can wreak havoc on your baby’s skin, especially if your baby has sensitive skin.

If your baby has redness on their bum and you use baby wipes after each diaper change, your baby could develop a worse rash as a result or the rash could take longer to heal. Some baby wipes do not effectively clean the skin, leaving bacteria and residue that causes a diaper rash or the worsening of one.

One thing I remember from the few days in the hospital after having my baby, is that my postpartum nurse cleaned my son with mild soap and water after every diaper change, no wipes. She simply had a small bowl of water, added a mild soap for poop and used cotton balls to clean him with each diaper change.

When you’re a first time mom, having a newborn is overwhelming and having a newborn with a diaper rash is even more overwhelming. I got home and forgot what the nurse did in the hospital and used baby wipes... and for three months, I dealt with rashes off and on.

After trying everything, and creating the first version of our signature baby body butter, I remembered, to just clean the baby with soap and water, no wipes and pat dry.

Within three days of cleaning the baby with soap and water, and applying a generous coat of our signature baby body butter with each diaper change, the diaper rash started to heal. With this method and our signature baby body butter, my subsequent children never experienced any diaper rashes.

So how do you clean your baby with soap and water?

  • If you have a newborn you can gather the excess poop in their diaper, then take them to the sink and wash them in the sink with soap and water.
  • You can hold them in a football hold or over your forearm while making sure you support their neck at all times.
  • You can also try laying them down with their bum hovering over the sink and wash them that way as well. Or use a spray bottle or a postpartum peri-bottle to wash them as well.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you’re safe and careful. Be gentle, cleanse and pat dry. The number one thing to heal and prevent further rashes is our signature baby body butter. Most moms see results in three days or less.

Do you use baby wipes? Have you used the method of washing your baby with soap and water? Leave a comment below. Remember you can get your own jar of our signature baby body butter by clicking here.

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