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How to handle eczema in the spring

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Spring is here! Yay! New beginnings, beautiful flowers, warmer weather. We love spring. And our skin loves it too. If you suffer from eczema that is exacerbated by the climate, like the cold winters and/or hot summers, well, spring is your friend. With milder temperatures and a slight increase in the  overall humidity of the environment, you will notice significant improvements in your skin.

So now that we know that spring brings a bit of relief to your eczema prone skin,  here are some tips to keep your skin looking great and on the path to recovery.

Tip 1

Continue to moisturize!

Moisturizing your skin no matter the temperature and climate, protects your skin and keeps it soft, supple and free from cracks and dryness. Sealing in the moisture with the right product, protects the skin barrier, preventing irritation, relieving itching and restoring the skin. 

Tip 2

Know your triggers!

If you want to continue on the road to recovery and management of your eczema symptoms, you have to know the triggers of your eczema flare ups. Although spring is great for eczema sufferers with milder temperatures, it’s also horrible for people who suffer from hay fever, allergies and rhinitis. If environmental factors like pollen exacerbate your eczema, then taking the right precautions is beneficial. Try using an air purifier or ioniser in your home to remove allergens, like spores and pollen from the air. Wipe down surfaces in your home with a damp cloth to tackle dust and pollen settled  on surfaces. Possibly pairing an antihistamine with your regular eczema regimen may be helpful in dealing with pollen, if it's a factor. Please consult your healthcare provider for that. 

Tip 3

Layer appropriately!

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Temperature extremes such as cold, frosty mornings followed by warm afternoons can be tricky for eczema sufferers. The right layering is key especially for your babies. Try a cotton sweater with a lighter cotton onesie or undershirt and as the temperature increases throughout the day you can peel off some layers while maintaining their comfort. 

Tip 4

Be prepared for celebrations!


As we know with spring comes Easter and Easter egg hunts as well as other fun activities and celebrations. Often these Easter celebrations involve candy and milk chocolate treats. Knowing your eczema triggers helps you become better prepared at these events. If you know that your child is allergic to dairy and dairy is one of their eczema triggers, prepare ahead of time by having appropriate treats to bring along with you to the celebration.

I hope these four tips were helpful. I know that for some, eczema is difficult no matter the season, knowing your triggers, staying on top of moisturizing your skin with the right products and routines will help alleviate your symptoms in any climate. 

How does your skin react in the spring? Comment below...

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