Baby skincare

If you are ready for a truly clean, non-toxic organic skin care solution for your baby, Our Baby Body Butter is just right for you!

Our baby’s skin is so fragile, delicate and susceptible to things like diaper rashes, eczema, skin irritations and just plain old dry skin. I know how overwhelming this can be. I am a mom of three and all three of my children suffered from eczema with my first suffering from both diaper rashes and eczema. It’s definitely not a walk in the park!

With the frustration I felt and knowing how other mothers feel when their baby's skin is itchy, red, irritated, dry, scaly and just miserable, I created Ziggy’s Pudding: Baby Body Butter.

Formulated with skin loving ingredients like organic raw shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic calendula and lavender oil, our baby body butter melts quickly into your hands and quickly soothes and relieves eczema, dry skin and diaper rash.