The many ways to use the Baby Body Butter

How to use the Baby Body Butter

A little goes a long way! Put a dime size of Ziggy's Pudding Baby Body Butter into your palm, rub your palms together until it melts and then apply to you and / or your baby’s skin. You can also put it directly on the skin and rub it in.

With plant based, raw, potent vegan, and organic and pure ingredients, Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter is safe for most uses. Those with peanut, soy, wheat/gluten, and bee allergies can freely use our Baby Body Butter. Although formulated for babies and children, adults can use it too! It can be used on eczema, psoriasis, dry hands, dry nails and cuticles, for massage, before swimming, to soothe chaffing; it is formulated for your skin’s needs. Oh, and do not forget to take it with you on your travels, as its container size fits all airline baggage criteria…

Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter is best when applied to skin right after a bath to soothe, lock and seal in the moisture, leaving your skin soft, supple and moisturized. Apply liberally as many times as you wish throughout the day.

Dry Scalp and Hair?

Moisturize with Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter.

Struggling with Eczema?

Soak your baby in a calming oat bath for about 10 minutes, pat dry, then immediately rub Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter into their skin, paying close attention to the problem areas.

Dry chapped lips?

Wintertime is not only harsh on the skin, but the lips too. Apply a thin coat of Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter to the lips and enjoy your time out with soft, moist lips.

Sunburn, Windburn, Minor burns?

Apply Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter over the affected areas and gently rub it in. Before or after sun exposure, apply Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter.


Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter is excellent for the diaper rash prevention. We use it after every diaper change. Just cleanse as usual then apply a nice layer to the skin, put on the diaper and you are all set.

***we advise you to use separate jars of Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter for diapering needs, in order to avoid contamination***

Diaper Rash?

The best healer of a diaper rash is air! Time without the diaper on baby will allow air to help speed up the healing time. As well as Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter! Air out baby after the skin is cleansed, then apply a thick layer of Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body Butter and put the diaper back on. Repeat this with every diaper change and your baby's diaper rash will clear right up.

Scars, Dry, Itchy, and Chapped Skin?

Put Ziggy’s Pudding Baby Body butter on affected areas several times daily. When it comes to the prevention of most minor skin afflictions, moisturizing is key. 

Night face moisturizer, under make-up moisturizer, after shave moisturizer...

Store in a dark, cool, dry place. For external use only.