Our Story

Ziggy's Pudding® is a clean, non-toxic, vegan skincare brand dedicated to providing potent, NON-GMO, cruelty-free, nutrient dense, skin healing and nourishing products for children of all ages and those with sensitive skin. Our formulations are handcrafted with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties making it excellent for eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, dry skin, scars, cradle cap, rosacea, and other skin irritations. We source the highest quality organic and wild-harvested ingredients to create our handcrafted products.


It is our mission to provide you with handmade, potent, vegan, effective skincare products created with integrity and love. With so many "green washed" products on the market, we present our company to you with genuine skin care products that are effective. We work synergistically with the abundant bio-actives given to us by nature to handcraft our products.


We value purity and integrity, which is why we use non-toxic, non-GMO, USDA certified organic, organic, wild-harvested and naturally hypoallergenic ingredients in all of our products. We source our raw materials from remote areas indigenous to the plant's natural habitat, areas which practice sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. Our products are cruelty-free, never tested on animals. We formulate our products without fillers, waxes, water or chemicals ensuring that you are receiving a truly potent, effective, safe and truly natural skincare product.

  Our Inspiration  

Ziggy's Pudding is inspired by our children. All of our children experienced eczema, ranging from mild to severe, to even infected and weepy. Ziggy, our first born had recurrent diaper rashes for the first three months of life which led to my formulation of our signature baby body butter. Ziggy, was plagued with recurrent diaper rashes, cradle cap, baby acne and later, eczema. Pudding the second born, experienced eczema that was weepy, itchy which eventually became infected...I tried several lotions, creams, and ointments on the market, but found they were ineffective and full of harsh chemicals, even the ones labeled as all natural. I needed a fast, non-toxic, truly natural solution that actually worked without all the harsh chemicals, skin deteriorating and clogging additives. With lots of research, further education and trial and error, Ziggy’s Pudding: Baby Body Butter, our signature product was born. Ziggy's Pudding is here to help moms and parents dealing with the skin damaging effects of eczema, diaper rash as well as other skin irritations with vegan, plant based, truly natural skincare that is restorative, safe and effective.





Founder & CEO


Mfon is a mother, critical care registered nurse, and a holistic health and wellness coach. She is a self taught organic and natural skin care compounder with over eight years of experience formulating natural, organic and non-toxic skincare solutions. 

"When my first son was born, and started immediately experiencing all these skin issues like cradle cap, baby acne, and diaper rashes that lasted for the first three months of his life, as well as eczema, I was overwhelmed to say the least. As a first time mom, my confidence went out the window and I used all the ointments, and creams even steroid creams to no avail. His skin was damaged, irritated, and in terrible shape. While I was well versed in using plant based nutrition to heal the body from within, I had to learn how to use plant based ingredients to heal his damaged skin. With the knowledge that food is medicine, I started educating myself on plant based skin formulations to heal, restore and repair his skin. When my second child started experiencing eczema which was weepy, and infected, I had my arsenal ready. Every visit to our pediatrician was full of compliments regarding his skin. One day our pediatrician asked for the recipe for the concoction I was using on his skin and a light bulb went off, which was the birth of my company Ziggy's Pudding®."

I look at the body from a holistic approach, and utilize scientific research, my knowledge, skills and passion in formulating our products. Our skin is our largest organ, and is constantly impacted by our environment, what we ingest and ultimately what we put on it. Choose non-toxic, effective, nourishing products for healthy and radiant skin. 

Thank you for your support!


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