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How do I get rid of my baby’s diaper rash in 24 hours?

I know all too well how frustrating a diaper rash can be. When you are a first-time mom, it’s often hard to spot the first signs of a developing diaper rash until it is a full-blown rash that takes longer to heal. This post will explore how to get rid of a diaper rash in 24 hours.

What is a diaper rash?


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A diaper rash is a form of irritation known as dermatitis that occurs on your baby's bottom and private area. Some rashes spread can to the inner thighs. When you search about diaper rashes online, you usually read that diaper rashes clear up within a few days. But is it possible to clear a diaper rash in one day?

When my son was experiencing recurrent diaper rashes, I often asked this question online, to my child's pediatrician, to grandparents, and to other mothers I knew, but I couldn’t really get a clear answer.

The truth is, you can get rid of your baby’s diaper rash in 24 hours depending on a few factors.

First, what is the severity of the diaper rash? Did you notice redness? Or wide-spread bumps? Is it raw, bleeding, and has it spread all over the bottom?

If it is a newly noticed red area on your baby’s bottom, that can definitely be cleared within 12-24 hours. However, if the rash is severe, you are going to need to wait a few days to a week to clear up the diaper rash.

This one product helped me get rid of diaper rashes quickly, click here to learn more.

Now that we know we can get rid of very mild diaper rashes in one day. Below are the steps on how to do it.

How do I get rid of a diaper rash in one day?

It’s easy to get rid of a diaper rash in one day if you follow the steps below. I discovered these steps after research and experience with my child.

  • Step 1: Air dry
  • Step 2: Choose the right diaper
  • Step 3: Cleanse properly
  • Step 4: Protect the skin

Step 1: Air dry

Air drying or diaper-free time is when you decrease the length of time your baby’s bottom is in contact with the diaper. This allows the skin to dry, and be free of contact with poop and pee. You can air dry by simply waiting a few extra seconds to minutes before you replace the baby’s diaper or designate some time throughout the day to have the baby be without the diaper. Diaper-free time can also be done while you are breastfeeding your baby. More on diaper-free time in a future post.

Step 2: Choose the right diaper

For first-time moms, it can be both a blessing and a curse when we receive a bunch of diapers for a baby shower gift. The problem is, you are not sure if those diapers will be right for your baby. Some diapers are made with materials that are known to irritate babies' skin. After going through many diapers, and diaper brands, I believe that diapers made from bamboo are excellent at preventing diaper rashes.

Cloth diapers can be an option, but if proper washing, stripping, and drying of the cloth diaper are not done, those diapers can irritate the baby’s skin.
So stick with bamboo. We like brands like Bambo Nature or Andy Pandy diapers.

Step 3: Cleanse properly

I don’t know about you, but all of my children have sensitive skin. When my son had the recurrent diaper rash problem, eliminating wipes and washing his areas with soap and water sped up the time it took for his diaper rash to heal. Cleansing properly involves, taking your baby and running water on his bottom after a poop or pee, using a mild soap for poop, washing the area, and allowing it to air dry. Then apply the baby body butter to coat the entire area before putting on a new diaper.

Step 4: Protect the skin

There are so many diaper rash creams on the market, and rightfully so. Diaper rashes are a common occurrence with babies. The question is, are all of them right for your baby? What types of ingredients are these diaper rash creams made with, and do you want that anywhere near your baby’s skin?

Remember, what goes on the skin gets into the baby’s body and can cause issues. For centuries, mothers have been protecting their baby’s bottoms with natural solutions.

When my baby was experiencing recurrent diaper rashes and nothing on the market was working, I went back to nature and created a natural solution. To get rid of diaper rashes quickly, prevent new diaper rashes, and protect the skin, we suggest using the baby body butter.

diaper rash before and after ziggy's pudding baby body butter
Before & After 24hours of using Ziggy's Pudding Baby Body Butter 


These are the four steps I followed to stop a diaper rash from getting worse and to get rid of it in 24 hours. Diaper rashes can be uncomfortable for your baby and stressful for you. Remember, you are not a bad parent if your baby gets a diaper rash. It happens even to the best of us, but being equipped with the right knowledge, steps, and ointment can prevent diaper rashes altogether.

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