Who can use your products?

Our products are formulated for newborns, infants, older children and adults. Yes, adults can definitely use our Baby Body Butter.

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

All of our products are PETA certified vegan & cruelty free, gluten free, and free of bee products.

Are your products organic?

Our products are formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients, organic and wild-harvested ingredients. We also source ingredients from organic local farms that grow ingredients native to that specific region. We source ingredients for our products that grow in its natural habitat.

Why has the consistency of my product changed?

Our products are handmade in Woodland Hills, CA.

All of our products are handmade from natural, raw ingredients. There maybe slight variations in consistency from batch to batch since we only create handmade natural products free from fillers, artificial waxes, colorants, stabilizers, sulfates, phylates, parabens and toxic chemicals.

The consistency does not affect the potency or efficacy of our products.

With temperature changes such as extreme heat or cold, our products may be affected by the temperature and you may notice a change in consistency.

In the warmer months, if you receive your butter or balm and it's melted, just place it in the refrigerator or in a cool area for 30 minutes and it will be ready for use. 

*please do not place in the freezer due the extreme cold temperature of the freezer*

What is the shelf life of your products?

We do not use any synthetic preservatives in our products. Our formulations are naturally self-preserving and have a shelf life of up to 12 months when unused. When in use, we ask that you please take care to avoid water, extreme temperatures and store in a cool dark area. We add potent plant derived antioxidants such as non-gmo vitamin E and rosemary extract to elongate the shelf life of our unrefined, raw oils and butters.

Our products are packaged in cobalt blue glass, preserving the potency and quality of our products.

What is the aroma of the Baby Body Butter?

Our products are synthetic fragrance free, we have added organic lavender oil which gives our baby body butter a hint of lavender scent. We use pure, organic (whenever possible), plant based ingredients in our products. Therefore, our products are scented by the aroma of the oils, butters and extracts we use in the formulation process.

The fragrance free Baby Body Butter has an earthy, nutty aroma, with a hint of chocolate. It's quick absorbing and you do not notice the aroma within a few minutes of application.

When ordering, you have a choice of unscented or lavender scented.

Do you test on animals?

All of our ingredients and products are certified cruelty free, NO, we do not test on animals. We use organic, wild-harvested, and food grade ingredients in our formulations, no animal testing is needed.

What are the ingredients and benefits?

We believe in complete transparency, a detailed list of each ingredient is provided here.

Have more questions? Contact us at anytime: info@ziggyspudding.com