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Scalp oil

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Therapy oil for cradle cap, dry and itchy scalp
Suitable for newborns


Sure you can put any old oil on your baby’s scalp but choosing our scalp oil is an investment into fortifying hair follicles for future healthy hair growth. Our plant based natural scalp oil uses a combination of clinically tested vegan oils that work together to balance and soothe irritated scalp. Created with organic ingredients like borage seed oil and argan oil, proven to have antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps to improve scalp health over time.


Safe for daily use on scalp and hair
Suitable for newborns and children of all ages
Softens scaly patches associated with cradle cap
hydrates and moisturizes dry scalp
Eases dandruff
Nourishes dry scalp
Calms itchy scalp
Encourages healthy hair growth 


2oz|59ml glass bottle

Key ingedients:

Argan oil: loading with vitamin E, an antioxidant, known to improve moisture retention in the skin as well help in wound healing. Known to contain anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. According to research, argan oil also possesses sebum reducing properties, which can help decrease sebum and improve conditions such as cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis.

Borage seed oil: one of the highest sources of GLA(gamma linoleic acid) which is an essential fatty acid known to reduce inflammation. Studies show that borage seed oil is effective at treating cradle cap and shortening the duration of the condition. The high content of GLA in borage seed oil has been shown to improve the skin barrier over time. It also has antioxidant properties as well as the ability to decrease TEWL(transepidermal water loss) over time.

Full ingredient:

made with organic ingredients

Ingredients: *Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, capric caprylic triglyceride,  *Argania Spinosa Kernel(Argan) Oil, *Borago Officinalis (Borage) seed oil, *Calophyllum Inophyllum (Tamanu) seed oil, *Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower (Calendula)extract, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) extract.

*USDA Certified organic ingredient
^Sustainably, wild-harvested ingredient.



*Always patch test skincare products either behind the ear or inside the elbow before use.*

For cradle cap care: saturate scalp and patches with the oil and leave on overnight, follow by gently removing patches with a scalp comb or brush, then cleanse scalp using a mild shampoo. Repeat as needed.

For hair care: apply a few drops to hands or to hair strands and smooth down the hair shaft.

As a pre-shampoo oil: Apply liberally to scalp and hair strands, massage into scalp and allow to sit for 15-30 mins then shampoo as usual. 

Our scalp oil is Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free by PETA.ORG, Non-Gmo, Non-Toxic, Paraben free, Mineral oil free, Free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

Shipping: This product is made to order in fresh small batches. It is usually shipped 1-3 days after created and processed. Please see our shipping policy here.

Returns/Refunds: We offer a lifetime money back guarantee. If you use our scalp oil and it didn't work for you, simply contact us and receive a full refund no questions asked. see our refund policy here.

Handmade in small batches in Los Angeles, California.


 Have questions? Contact us at info@ziggyspudding.com or here.

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