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The #1 management tool for your skin!

You are probably thinking, a journal for my skin? Well, yes, a journal specifically dedicated to your skin, and here is why. 

So many of us are suffering from devasting and anxiety-causing conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, and sensitive and irritated skin. It can be frustrating and defeating. All of your efforts, emotions, tactics, disappointments, and wins live in your head. 

Did you know that people remember only 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see?

Imagine being able to dump all of your concerns, daily efforts, skincare routines, pictures, and thoughts about your skin in one place. Imagine how freeing it would feel to be able to, pull out your phone and show the progress of your skin, along with everything you did to get there. 


skincare journal for managing eczema


What if you could document a specific skin condition like eczema until you recover in six months, but another flare-up shows up?

You can easily pull up your skincare journal and look at what you did as a point of reference.


Maybe you suffered from acne for six months, and now, you are going through another skin issue. Simply, delete the old data and start documenting the new skin concern. *By the way, this is something you cannot do with a physical journal*

This skincare journal is the ultimate zero-waste, sustainable way to keep track of your skin.

With this management tool, you can ditch the overwhelm, and start feeling the freedom of progress with your skincare and skin health.

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